27-xWhen you look at the 27 image, we purposely made the 2 broken to represent that all of us as people are broken in sin and need help. It’s in seeing our brokenness that we realize we need something more. The 7 represents God, Perfect, Complete. He is the bridge to bring us life and hope. The line would be drawn right to left to show God coming to us as broken man through the blood of his son Jesus.



household of faith

What happens when a small group of people start meeting in a home and begin to experience deep friendship and fellowship based on our mutual love of Jesus? Strangely enough “27”. The scripture calls it a household of faith (Galatians 6:10). This truly was the beginning of what we are praying will be a house church movement that impacts the world. Just a few families being obedient to follow God passionately and faithfully.